JON’S RESULTS DAY!! 30 day challenge completed!! How many inches and kilo’s


Watch and listen from the man himself talking about his results. An amazing journey for the 30 days and goes to show making time to exercise correctly, preparing good quality food and keeping a balance with the the challenges of what life deals us brings results


Ready for a Challenge?

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

Could this be the programme? Meaning that you could answer the questions above. We have done this programme and can honestly say that it certainly isn’t just about the physical aspect of weight loss, muscle toning or achieving that goal.  The psychological benefits and gaining clarity of mind and the improvement in sleep have been worth it.  The striping out the diet and this challenge nutritionally with this programme has been hard at times but the results speak for themselves. We all develop habits and some times they just need breaking in order to achieve. So break that cycle and get ready for a change…. want to know more just ask….




Are you dieting and exercising but not getting the results you deserve?

Do you want to feel body confidence this summer?

What if you could learn how to burn fat and lose inches fast?

Beach Body Confidence – Beach HIT Training

Summary of our session on the beach with hill HIT training,

Well done Jon. Awesome …..

Nearly there, we are on the countdown and the run up to the finish line. Now its all about being as active as possible around our jobs and commitments. Also making sure we all eat a balanced diet over these final few days. Keeping it as simple, tasty and healthy. Sleep is critical and not just on this programme but getting some decent shut eye helps us recover physically, mentally and emotionally. Its all about balance, consistency and commitment … and the results are definitely worth it!!

When it comes to training we are always asking our clients WHY? What is it you really want to achieve?

A lot of people will simply state “to get fit” “to feel better” “to be healthier”

These are all great reasons, but getting really specific about your goals will put you in a much stronger position to achieve them and setting a dedicated time frame to kick start the process will get you fast results.

Setting goals are very important not just with exercise but also in life as it feels good to set targets and achieve them. Reaching that goal however big or small gives us a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

So for example, if it is a 5k, 10k or half marathon, set a time and work out a plan. If its weight loss, set some realistic targets to drop a dress size and lose the lbs and inches.

Whatever your goal, seek support and advice, get your diet right for the challenge or goal. Get expert coaching that will get you in the best shape, keep you focused, motivated and prepared.

We would love to hear about your aspirations, goals and targets. So what is the real reason you train or want to take up training? Are you getting the results you deserve? Let us know?