Rest and Recovery

Today is a rest day … not for long though the next training session is tomorrow.

So today we focus on recovery and nutrition, both really important elements of any programme.  After all if we aren’t recovered then it will impact onto the next session, and if we are not eating right then it won’t aid recovery or our results!

Phew … better get it right then!

So throughout the Summer Shore challenge we are checking in with Jon and what he’s eating and doing between sessions.  If possible light walking between can help to loosen off and get some fresh air, plus vitamin D. Then you’re nicely warm, which presents a great opportunity for a light stretch session (you’ll learn a thorough all over body stretch routine on the programme).  This will mean that stiffness doesn’t set in and you’ll be more rejuvenated for the next day and training sessions to come.  If you’re really cream crackered then a nice warm bath or shower plus a light stretch will also help the body recover, and well it’s just a nice reward after all the hard work you are doing!

On the nutritional side of things, we need good quality food for repair and rebuilding of muscles and this will ultimately aid recovery, muscle tone and eating the right foods will result in excess fat reduction, crucial!

In essence we are talking about eating the best quality whole unrefined and unprocessed foods that you can afford to buy, organic wherever possible.  A balance of the food groups is needed for fuel, to help repair, gain the vital range of vitamins and minerals that our body’s cells require, and to keep blood sugar levels stable.  Combining protein and carbohydrate in each meal or snack is very important to keep blood sugar levels balanced, and eating a wide variety of salad foods and vegetables will help keep you full and you’ll get vital nutrients too.  Good sources of protein include eggs, fish, meat, tofu and a mixture of pulses, grains, nuts and seeds.  Good sources of carbohydrates include whole grains (not white carbs!), pulses, starchy vegetables like sweet potato, sweetcorn and squash and fresh fruits.

Also … don’t forget hydration!  Keeping hydrated is so very important, so remember to drink water. Don’t down it or drink in gulps, just drink steadily over the day.  Fruit and herbal teas are also acceptable ways to aid hydration.

We include user friendly nutritional information in the programme, so you’ll know how to fuel your body right for maximum results!

Happy Healthy Eating!

P.S. Jon – have a good rest tonight, hot tub sounds good to us (lucky Jon)! … and don’t forget to stretch those legs out too 😉


Day 8 … and the results just keep coming!!



After sharing Jon’s fantastic results yesterday, here’s the collective running total so far …


… totalling our combined results, so far we have lost:


  • Just over 12 lbs!
  • Just over 2 inches off waists!
  • 2.5 inches off our thighs!
  • Just over 1.5 inches of our hips!


Great results really boost momentum and commitment!!

We are looking forward to tonight’s training; the 1st session of week 2.  This week we will be adding to the foundations we’ve built and stepping things up a gear in order to keep progressing both fitness, strength, stamina and those all-important results!

WEEK 1, DAY 7 – 8 LBS, 2 Inches!!!

number 8


Day 7

Magic Number 8, Jon is doing great and at the end of the first week he has lost a massive 8lbs in weight and lost 1 inch from his waist and nearly 2 inches off of each thigh in just in 7 days!!


How has he done this … … well he’s trained hard with us, consumed a greatly improved diet based on our guidance with support from family, and committed to the Summer Shore 30 Day Challenge fully!  Awesome!!



Some thoughts from Jon …

“I feel my biggest success this week is the big change in my blood pressure.  I am totally stunned that after just a week it has gone from high to normal. I have always had slightly high blood pressure so this was a big one for me”  

“Food is always hard for me. I often find it difficult to make healthy food interesting or varied so I usually get bored and give in at some point.  However with some meal ideas from Phill and Cath and some great support from my wife, Jenni I have had some really healthy food that has also been very interesting and tastes great.”


Jon’s highlight of the week was our sunny outdoor session to the top of Hengistbury Head, think we agree it was a great one!!



End of day 4 … finished with a bang!

Thought tonight we’d share with you some pics taken during our training session this evening.

We asked Jon this evening how he was feeling so far, and yes there are the sore muscles you’d expect when upping your exercise or doing something different, but the great thing was that even though the process is a tough one, it is energising … Jon commented that even without caffeine (yes that’s right we’re a caffeine free zone) … he is not feeling that morning drowsiness that he would usually feel – WOW – what a great result and it is only day 4!!

Awesome Jon!

Day 4 Training Phill TRX Day 4 20140515_190344 20140515_192235


Introducing Jon … a top bloke!


My name is Jon. I am 34 years old and have done various forms of exercise over the years, but not overly frequently. I have always struggled with my weight and fitness and am very overweight.  

With my graduation coming up in July, I really wanted to lose weight and get fitter to feel better about myself and more confident.  The programme offered by Phill and Cath appealed to me as a great way of regaining focus, though it would mean making some sacrifices in terms of dedicating time to exercise, and also watching what I eat.

Today is my second day on the challenge, and I am feeling really positive.  I thought the eating guidelines would be really strict, but actually they are just really sensible.  The hardest part for me is portion control, especially in relation to Carbs.

Taking a snapshot of each meal with my phone is a great way to track what I am eating and maintain a food diary.  Some of my regular habits have needed to go – I have swapped my strong coffees for water and herbal teas.  I had some mild withdrawal symptoms on Day 1, with a headache, but am now getting into the herbal teas.  Some of them aren’t actually too bad!


I really enjoyed exercise session 1 with Phill and Cath, a challenging, but manageable circuit-training session.  The short bursts of intense activity suited me, and I am really enjoying working on the TRX system.  The massage from the Vibro-Gym at the start and end of the work-out was great.  My legs and shoulders have ached today, mild discomfort, nothing major.  It’s felt like I am doing something positive, so all good.


Looking forward to my 2 hour session on Wednesday.

Day One


Phill and Cath Essential Health and Fitness

Its day one of the challenge and we are just about to start our first training session in our studio. Tonight will be a mix of cardio, Vibrogym and TRX in a circuit format. The team is made up of Phill and Cath from Essential Health + Fitness and Jon, who has trained with us before and is really ready for a big change!


It all starts tomorrow!

We don’t ask our clients to do anything that we wouldn’t do ourselves .. so tomorrow we start the 30 day ‘Summer Shore Body’ challenge that will be coming soon in June!  Jon will be joining us too and today we got him challenge ready as he had his body composition and measurements taken, we took him through a heath assessment and he completed his personal cardio fitness test too!

Then we tucked into some porridge whilst we started planning the dates we would be training and the food we will be eating.


We will be updating our progress and sharing our experiences whilst we work through this 30 day challenge together and we’d love you to join us here and cheer us  on!

Wish us good luck … here’s to lots of hard work and getting our summer shore bodies!  Watch this space!!