… ‘Join our challenge and you will get’ …

  • Guaranteed Inch Loss – Inch loss is the best indication that your body is burning and metabolising fat around your body, we will offer you the best training and nutritional information for maximum fat burn and inch loss results!


  • Fast weight loss – weight loss is a concern to many people, and if you participate fully in all training sessions and stick with the nutritional guidance that we offer, you are sure to lose weight, associated with the fat loss results that you will be getting.


  • Body Shape Change – with both the fat loss and weight loss you will experience on the programme you will see fantastic changes in your body shape!


  • Fewer cravings & less bloating – these are two areas that people commonly struggle with, on the programme by making the dietary changes that we will take you through, you will experience less cravings and that bloated gassy feeling should become a problem of the past.


  • More energy & stamina – with our expertise we know that training 4 times a week will make all the difference to your results, you will feel more energised, powerful and your ability to keep going will improve!


  • Ooze body confidence – this is a totally personal feeling, and one which will mean different things for different people.  In our experience when clients train regularly and are completely focussed they achieve results! Burning excess fat and losing weight is totally possible if you know how, and we will help you to achieve this, allowing you to feel confident and fabulous about your body!

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