In the words of Nina Simone – We’re Feeling Goooooooooooooooooooooood!!!


Hey to you all out there following the blog of our challenge … today has been a beautifully sunny and successful day here in Southbourne, Dorset for Phill, Cath  & Jon on the 30 Day Challenge!

We have reached day 21, the 1st 3 weeks have gone so fast and we are now almost into the last week of the challenge.  Our results are in and it’s been another really triumphant week.

Jon has lost another 5 lbs, a further 1.5 inches from hips, an inch from chest/upper back and half an inch from his waist!  He has told us that this is the most focused he has ever felt about his food and exercise and he feels really positive.  Such fabulous results lead to more and more benefits, and these are now really starting to add up following 3 weeks of fat loss.  Trousers feel more comfortable around the waist band and need belts to hold them up, shirts are not pulling and they fit more comfortably, and crucially fat loss is happening fast and in the areas that are really important.  This result has been true for all of us, we are all losing the fat on those body areas where we want it the most; waists, chest/upper back, hips and thighs.

We as well as Jon are all seeing and benefiting from this challenge.  Adding to Jon’s successes, we have lost a further 3 lbs in weight between us, an inch off of chest/upper back, 1.5 inches off of our waists, 1 inch from hips and 1/2 inch from thighs.  We are really now noticing our changing body shapes and are enjoying that feeling of powerful legs, more energy, clarity and focus.

Here are Jon’s highlights … they make for awesome reading!

  “My proudest moment was when I was able to wear a shirt that I have been uncomfortable wearing as it fitted me poorly. I would almost always get that stretching at the buttons look which I hate. I had to wear the shirt this week for an interview an it was actually loose. If anything it was a little too big.  Loosing inches off my waist and chest are a real highlight. I am so much more comfortable in my clothes.”


So as day 21 draws to a close, we are feeling happy, proud of our results and confident!  Roll on day 22 and the final week … … …



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