Food for thought!! A piece of Cake…

We are over the half way point so I thought I would let you into what it is like to go through this process from a trainers perspective.  We all lead busy lives and have commitments to family, friends and work.

I thought doing a programme like this 30 day challenge would be a piece of cake..

Having always played sport, been active and worked as a trainer in this industry for over 12 years I thought the programme would be easy.  Going back through training regimes, refining what I eat and looking at my overall health has made me stop and think, could I do better?

Maybe you’ll ask yourself can you pinch an inch or more? Whats the state of your medicine cabinet? Is the fridge full of processed food? Does the back ache in the morning and do you need caffeine to get going?

We started over 2 weeks ago, at the start of week one it hit me that we all get stuck in our own routine and once in while we need a good shake up, and this has given me just that. The first few days were harder than I first thought, with a few head aches from cutting out the caffeine and some cravings.

The focus has been on further streamlining the diet and making sure we were drinking lots of water.  Working through the 30 day challenge is great and it is fantastic to see results that all three of 3 us are getting.

No blood, plenty of sweat, no tears just yet!  It’s totally worth it, I’m sleeping better, feeling fitter, lighter and trimmer … all good things!

So are you ready for a change??

It is now less than a month until the 30 Day Group Challenge with us begins, Tuesday 24th June could just be the right time to shake it up for yourself …



Food for thought!! A piece of Cake..

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