Rest and Recovery

Today is a rest day … not for long though the next training session is tomorrow.

So today we focus on recovery and nutrition, both really important elements of any programme.  After all if we aren’t recovered then it will impact onto the next session, and if we are not eating right then it won’t aid recovery or our results!

Phew … better get it right then!

So throughout the Summer Shore challenge we are checking in with Jon and what he’s eating and doing between sessions.  If possible light walking between can help to loosen off and get some fresh air, plus vitamin D. Then you’re nicely warm, which presents a great opportunity for a light stretch session (you’ll learn a thorough all over body stretch routine on the programme).  This will mean that stiffness doesn’t set in and you’ll be more rejuvenated for the next day and training sessions to come.  If you’re really cream crackered then a nice warm bath or shower plus a light stretch will also help the body recover, and well it’s just a nice reward after all the hard work you are doing!

On the nutritional side of things, we need good quality food for repair and rebuilding of muscles and this will ultimately aid recovery, muscle tone and eating the right foods will result in excess fat reduction, crucial!

In essence we are talking about eating the best quality whole unrefined and unprocessed foods that you can afford to buy, organic wherever possible.  A balance of the food groups is needed for fuel, to help repair, gain the vital range of vitamins and minerals that our body’s cells require, and to keep blood sugar levels stable.  Combining protein and carbohydrate in each meal or snack is very important to keep blood sugar levels balanced, and eating a wide variety of salad foods and vegetables will help keep you full and you’ll get vital nutrients too.  Good sources of protein include eggs, fish, meat, tofu and a mixture of pulses, grains, nuts and seeds.  Good sources of carbohydrates include whole grains (not white carbs!), pulses, starchy vegetables like sweet potato, sweetcorn and squash and fresh fruits.

Also … don’t forget hydration!  Keeping hydrated is so very important, so remember to drink water. Don’t down it or drink in gulps, just drink steadily over the day.  Fruit and herbal teas are also acceptable ways to aid hydration.

We include user friendly nutritional information in the programme, so you’ll know how to fuel your body right for maximum results!

Happy Healthy Eating!

P.S. Jon – have a good rest tonight, hot tub sounds good to us (lucky Jon)! … and don’t forget to stretch those legs out too 😉


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