WEEK 1, DAY 7 – 8 LBS, 2 Inches!!!

number 8


Day 7

Magic Number 8, Jon is doing great and at the end of the first week he has lost a massive 8lbs in weight and lost 1 inch from his waist and nearly 2 inches off of each thigh in just in 7 days!!


How has he done this … … well he’s trained hard with us, consumed a greatly improved diet based on our guidance with support from family, and committed to the Summer Shore 30 Day Challenge fully!  Awesome!!



Some thoughts from Jon …

“I feel my biggest success this week is the big change in my blood pressure.  I am totally stunned that after just a week it has gone from high to normal. I have always had slightly high blood pressure so this was a big one for me”  

“Food is always hard for me. I often find it difficult to make healthy food interesting or varied so I usually get bored and give in at some point.  However with some meal ideas from Phill and Cath and some great support from my wife, Jenni I have had some really healthy food that has also been very interesting and tastes great.”


Jon’s highlight of the week was our sunny outdoor session to the top of Hengistbury Head, think we agree it was a great one!!




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