Introducing Jon … a top bloke!


My name is Jon. I am 34 years old and have done various forms of exercise over the years, but not overly frequently. I have always struggled with my weight and fitness and am very overweight.  

With my graduation coming up in July, I really wanted to lose weight and get fitter to feel better about myself and more confident.  The programme offered by Phill and Cath appealed to me as a great way of regaining focus, though it would mean making some sacrifices in terms of dedicating time to exercise, and also watching what I eat.

Today is my second day on the challenge, and I am feeling really positive.  I thought the eating guidelines would be really strict, but actually they are just really sensible.  The hardest part for me is portion control, especially in relation to Carbs.

Taking a snapshot of each meal with my phone is a great way to track what I am eating and maintain a food diary.  Some of my regular habits have needed to go – I have swapped my strong coffees for water and herbal teas.  I had some mild withdrawal symptoms on Day 1, with a headache, but am now getting into the herbal teas.  Some of them aren’t actually too bad!


I really enjoyed exercise session 1 with Phill and Cath, a challenging, but manageable circuit-training session.  The short bursts of intense activity suited me, and I am really enjoying working on the TRX system.  The massage from the Vibro-Gym at the start and end of the work-out was great.  My legs and shoulders have ached today, mild discomfort, nothing major.  It’s felt like I am doing something positive, so all good.


Looking forward to my 2 hour session on Wednesday.


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